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Nov 30, 2012 6:00am EST
heartbeat and a pulse can tell that things are changing and you are right. we are going to do everything we can to -- i do want to make one point. president obama's policies have reduced the carbon in the air and whoa over the next many years. the amazing work that he did without all of us on fuel economy standards and enforcing the clean air act which i want to say to my colleagues who are here and those who are not, if they were here i would address some on this, the colleagues here and others in the senate chamber stopped many who tried to rollback the clean air act and as it pertained to emissions that were coming from utilities and other polluters. that was critical because he will you wanted to be much more direct, on how we approach it. people have to understand that the progress that we made and we have initial studies that show the progress we have made only because we fought so hard against rolling back what my colleagues tried to do on the senate floor, environmental writer and environmental writer and if they don't see from hurricane sandy the future, if we blithely go a long
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
nuclear weapons? >> well, you know, i just echo what everybody has said right up to president obama, that it's unacceptable for us to allow iran to become a nuclear state, that containment is not an acceptable alternative for all the reasons we know. i think that's absolutely right. it changes the whole balance of power in the middle east, it emboldens the terrorists like hamas and hezbollah that are agents of the iranian government. it probably, unless we're strong, leads some of our allies in the arab world to begin to accommodate to iran, and it's a threat to most of the rest of the world, including us. so, you know, the sanctions have been unprecedented, they're having an effect on the iranian economy -- so far not an observable effect on the iranian regime at all. and so i think we have to make sure that our threat of military action if they don't take down their nuclear weapons program is credible to them. i'm still not sure it is. but they've got to believe that the u.s. will use our immense power to disable their nuclear program if they don't do it themselves. >> senator kyl
Nov 29, 2012 2:00am EST
right now is a top to bottom review of what happened. let's do a full scale audit and understand what the obama campaign did. what is disturbing about romney and ryan's comments is the degree to which they will be repeated inside the conservative media because it didn't happen. we lost the election, that's over. it's about the next election now. so you want to start with an honest appraisal of what happened in this election. who parts of their coalition are we able to pick off. who can we reach whand messaging can we use to reach them? how do we reach them? so you want to have a top to bottom review of what happened. you want to look at the technology they used to turn out the vote and say not only do twopet equal that in four years but surpass it. but if you i did lewd yourself into believing that as rmny and ryan said the election was determined for the reasons they said you don't have the tooblet do that. so when you should be at this low moment taking your first steps to building a team to win the next election we're still going in the wrong direction and that's the bad side of it
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3